Rare sports discipline kabaddi pleases with frequent betting triumphs

How does kabaddi betting relate to making more money? Sports have always made the heart beat faster. Experiences with adrenaline during decisive matches, championships, and tournaments.

Exciting qualifying rounds and preparation before the games. Quite a long time ago, the sphere of betting began to develop in sports. Many fans are interested in the opportunity to make money in sports events. It all started with traditional methods and sports – football, tennis, and golf. Time passed and processes developed.

Gambling has begun to include not only popular sports. Exotic sports were gaining popularity. One of these was kabaddi. The discipline entered the sports world rather unexpectedly and spontaneously. No one at first even perceived it as some serious activity.

But the event course has changed. With the degree of development of a given sports discipline, the organizers began to think about holding serious championships. With the start of tournaments, active growth in demand for the betting process began. Today we have additional opportunities to make profitable predictions to earn.

An increasing number of sports fans are involved every day in gambling processes. What is it and how to do it right today we want to share. We suggest that you start gradually getting acquainted with sports exotics.

The essence of kabaddi as an attractive sport

What is kabaddi? At its core, it is a very ancient game. Activities are popular in Asia. They include a combination of wrestling and tags. At first, it was difficult to imagine a combination, mixing these two different spheres. It turned out that the tandem became successful and very fruitful.

India is thought to be the discipline’s origin place. The development process began over 4,000 years ago. It is difficult even to imagine that today you met with an ancient relic. Initially, the sport was intended to use as self-defense. The first game at the international level took place already in 1985.

Five years after entering the international arena, the discipline was included in the Asian Games in Beijing. Since 1990, the discipline has been considered regular in the Asian Games. Moreover, already in the 21st century, women have joined the game. The first women’s tournament was held in 2010 in China.

The main task and rules in sports discipline

The main goal is to score as many points as possible. To do it, crew members make so-called raids on the opponent’s site. During raids, participants must make the most touches on rivals. During raids, the participant must shout the name of the game without stopping to breathe. See how long it takes.

In turn, members of the opposing team must interfere with such actions. They apply their efforts and develop tactics to capture a hostile rival. Thus, tags and wrestling are combined. The spectacle is very exciting.

As for the composition of the team, the crew includes 12 members. Seven are actively playing on the court, while the remaining five are considered substitutes. The essence of the game is the alternation of defense and attack. Thus, the participants try to score the maximum possible number of points.



Countries actively maintaining discipline

Without any doubt, India is in first place in the rating of love for discipline. Neighboring countries also from the very beginning of the development of the game had the opportunity to fall in love with it. The process of studying, although it was long, now it is bearing fruit.

During many years, and even centuries, it is the Asian countries that are considered the best in the activity. They are the ones who give the world the best athletes. Millions of people from different Asian countries love and respect this sport. Japan, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Indonesia, and Thailand. This list can be continued indefinitely.

Many Asian countries have already managed to create even the organs of the Confederation of the game. Despite its origins in Asia, the sport has managed to win the hearts of other geographic regions. South and North America, Europe, and even Africa – all caught a high interest in the activity.

Fans around the world today cannot take their eyes off the events on the sites. They are looking forward to new international tournaments. Bettors have also joined a given demand. They see it as an incredible opportunity to make winning predictions.

Gaming environment importance

Kabaddi, although a very ancient game, is not inferior to fashionable sports in the necessary preparations and equipment.

Requirements Factor details
Field size 12.5 meters long and 10 meters wide. The middle line divides the field. Platform depth 1 ft.
Dress code Prohibition of excessively free form. The need for a short vest. Colors should be muted. International tournaments allow bright colors to identify crews.
Team Features The team has 12 players. 7 active on the field. 5 are in stock. The leader dictates all tactics to his club members.
Event duration Different genres require different lengths.

The male genre includes two sections – 20 minutes each. In the women’s – also two 15 minutes sections. The end of each section is followed by 5 minutes breaks.

Officials Six official officials – two referees, two judges, a scorer, and an assistant scorer.
Line marking Border lines – colored sand. Playing area – borders of one meter on each side of the 10-meter border.


At first glance, it seems that the rules are unusual and even exotic. As you get deeper into the activity, things get interesting and extremely easy.

The prevalence of kabaddi in the world and the love of India

Since it is India that is considered the country of origin, there are no thoughts about the love of Indians for this sport. Love originated 4000 years ago and continues nowadays. We have already talked about neighboring countries. As they say, they did not have different choice. Just simply accept and love the game yourself.

Many countries even created their own Confederations. Such organizational bodies. The bodies organize championships at the national league level. The purpose of such leagues is to select the best players. Players travel to world international competitions to represent their country. Of course, most tournaments are held on the Asian continent.

One of the most popular competitions is League Pro. India was chosen as its location. The Pro League has an especially similar regulation and format to the IPL. Active annual competitions on the Asian continent began in 2010.

The rest of the world is also not left out. As sports developed in Asian countries, America, Europe, and Africa did not leave him without attention.

Today, there are also many avid kabaddi fans in other countries. Every time they look forward to new events and competitions. Many athletes always travel to India and other countries to represent themselves at the international level. Slowly, the sport is gaining momentum all over the planet.

Countries with great interest

We could not ignore some geographical areas. They make a very large contribution to the popularity of the sport.

Geographical region Percentage coverage of total
Asia 67%
South America 8%
North America 10%
Africa 2%
Europe 13%


If we talk in detail about the countries that make more demand, we see the following:

India Covering all possible game areas 
China Holding tournaments;

Organizational Confederations!

Japan Holding tournaments;

Organizational Confederations!

Nepal Organizational Confederations
Thailand Holding tournaments;

Organizational Confederations!

USA Provision of athletes;

Increasing fan and gambling demand!

Canada Provision of athletes;

Increasing fan and betting demand!

Great Britain Provision of athletes;

Increasing fan and gambling demand!

Kenia Provision of athletes
Australia Provision of athletes;

Increasing fan and gambling demand!



Even looking at all the data presented, we can draw some vital conclusions. First of all, not only India that is highly interested in a discipline. Europe and North America own a large percentage. It can be highly assumed that in a few years the discipline will be on a par with football or tennis.

We would like to say a few words separately about India. The history of the game began in the land of the country several thousand years ago. Until today, the traditions are preserved. For the Indian people, the activity has long been part of the cultural heritage of the nation.

The people consider sports events part of the nationally accepted traditions. The preservation of rituals and traditions through time is highly valued in civilization.

India is known as the place where it all began. Today, the most popular and famous tournaments in the whole world are held here. Pro League and Indo International Premier League are famous championships all over the whole planet.

Also, the country every time gives the world amazing athletes. Anoop Kumar, Ajay Thakur, Monu Goyat, Surender Nada, and many more delight fans at every tournament. Athletes delight fans and gamblers with their skills. They provide amazing opportunities to enjoy events. In addition, events allow gamblers to earn millions of winnings.

Bookmakers do not disregard the chances of earning. In their offers, companies include a lot of bets on various well-known teams. Among the most popular are U Mumba, Bengaluru Bulls, Bengal Warriors, and Patna Pirates.

Club Most prominent sportsmen
U Mumba Rounder Gholamabbas Korouki, Surender defender Singh, defender Shivansh Thakur  – Right Cover. 
Bengaluru Bulls Raider Vikash Kandola, Raider Nageshor Tharu, defender Saurabh Nandal. 
Bengal Warriors Rounder Ajinkya Kapre, raider Shrikant Jadhav, defender Girish Ernak. 
Patna Pirates Rounder Rohit Gulia, Raider Anuj Kumar, defender Naveen Sharma.
Jaipur Pink Panthers Ajith V Kumar – raider, Sunil Kumar – defender, Rahul Gorakh Dhanawade – rounder. 


Can kabaddi bring millions of winnings in betting?

We have already seen that kabaddi is a very exotic and sometimes strange sport. We hasten to please you. In addition to being played on the playgrounds, it is also played in the gambling world. What if we say that the rates are very profitable? The gambler wins quite easily. Correct analysis and detailed knowledge of the sport are all necessary factors to win.

Recently, this particular subject has attracted more than 500 thousand customers to the world of gambling. The betting market is evolving at the speed of light. Players learn the rules of the event, the features of the gambling process, and a wide range of offers from some bookmakers.

Let’s say right away that the task is not an easy one. Although this discipline is popular among Hindus, other peoples need to try to understand it.


Bookmakers began to be interested in a given area quite recently. After all, not so long ago, the discipline began to gain popularity in other geographical regions besides Asia. Betting on a given subject has begun to appear in some bookmakers. They approached the matter very carefully and gradually. Thus, today a wide gambling market has developed.

Varieties of rates in a niche

Let’s be honest – making a quality forecast is not an easy task. It is very difficult to predict the possible outcome, the number of points on each team’s account, and the winner of the event. Difficult does not mean impossible. So we will try. Kabaddi is not as famous a sport as football or tennis.

Naturally, you should not expect the same wide lines of offers from bookmakers. But you can play well with the existing conditions. Most often, bookmakers give customers the opportunity to bet total. Total concerning over or under by the number of points. The average score ranges from 65 to 75 in each meeting.

These figures are important to use in further predictions of gamblers. Another popular bet is total capture points. It means a prediction for the number of points in total from both teams in attack. An attack in the meeting is called a capture. The same total is offered in defense.


Rare sports discipline kabaddi pleases with frequent betting triumphs

Event outcome

Winner selection at the event end. It's about a specific team.

Best team

The prediction is usually offered in big tournaments where many clubs participate. It is necessary to choose the best club based on the results of all performances.

Best player

The best player is also selected either as a result of the outcome of the event or the entire tournament. Features of the bid are its ease and predictability. This requires an analysis of the athlete's past activity and physical characteristics.

Total Points

Prediction is based on the total number of points scored by two teams in a match.

Total attacks

The gambler makes a prediction about the number of points scored by the two teams only as a result of captures.

Total defense

The number of points that two teams score defensively. The last bet together with it one can work great together.

Getting into top charts

If it is difficult to make a choice in favor of one winner, you can pay attention to the favorites. Favorites are those athletes who have a lot of chances to enter the top rankings. The variety of predictions is characterized by the fact that it is very broad. The chances of winning increase several times due to the possible backlash of the top places.

It is worth remembering that a draw as a result of the event is unlikely. Bets on a draw are not offered. Average quotes from bookmakers are around 6.0-7.5.


Bets on major championships and kabaddi tournaments

The most popular bets are still carried out at the famous world championships. The larger the scale of the sporting meeting, the more winnings you can get as a result of the meetings. This rule also applies in this case. In the activities history, the world championship in this subject was held five times.

The tournament was held in 2004, 2007, 2010, 2011, and 2016. In every case, the victory went to the Indian team. A few years ago, the first women’s world championship was introduced, which included the participation of 12 teams. It is not difficult to imagine the size of the predictions made in the context of such events.

Even more interesting is the possible winnings which lucky gamblers received. They are called lucky ones figuratively because of careful work and a long time of work. The main thing to remember is that big triumphs can be obtained in big tournaments. Another big highlight is the Vivo Pro. 12 teams take part at once.

Meetings are held from July to October – for 4 months. 12 teams and 4 months is just heaven for a knowledgeable gambler. Masters Championship appeared 5 years ago, only in 2018. He is quite young, but it does not take away his attractiveness.

The top 4 flagships are fighting for the title – Argentina, Iran, Kenya, and Pakistan. These events give gamblers unforgettable chances not only for cash wins but also for breathtaking adrenaline and emotions.

Working advice for beginners and experienced gamblers

Beginning bettors and professionals in the football and basketball world often need advice. What can we say about the subject niche? It is difficult to enter here and win without accurate knowledge/activity strategies.

Today we want to share the most important and working tips on the right tactics for gambling activity:

  • Rules form the basis
    Much time should be devoted to learning the basic rules;
  • Budget control
    All money sums of bids in this discipline niche will be lower than traditional ones;
  • Observational nature
    Monitor the physical condition of your favorites. This will avoid unexpected outcomes at the finish line;
  • Sober decisions
    As always and everywhere – make a decision about predictions and amounts only after resolutely weighing the pros and cons!

The main subtleties of interest about betting

Beginners in the fascinating gambling world often ask questions, the answers to which are quite simple. It is necessary to know it for everyone who is fired up, we want to make large money sums on sports.
First of all, there are different kabaddi varieties.

There are at least four main species in India. Bets here are made in the traditional way – registration, verification, entering desired amount, and receiving high winnings. There is an opportunity to play in pre-match and live. Live is a sphere of special interest for already professional players.

Many people wonder if it is possible to make predictions in a currency like the rupee. Almost every bookmaker makes the option available. Often it is explained by maintaining the discipline color. With which country the initial game origin is connected, the bookie includes those features in many offers.



Where to bet on kabaddi

Loyal fans of the gambling world understand there are many factors which affect the result of the prediction. One of these is the place of implementation of every action. In simple words – a bookmaker. The player must be very careful when choosing a bookmaker. Since such a choice will decide fate in the near future.

Triumph bets require a lot of attention and effort. When choosing a bookmaker, do not forget to take into account a number of factors.

  • License availability;
  • Company age;
  • Feedback from customers;
  • Official site appearance;
  • Offer line!

Having a license plays an important role, almost the most important one. The license means a completely legal operation of the company inside the market. The scarier the bookmaker, the more experience he has. Young bookies are often ineffective. It is also worth reading customer reviews.

They may not always be satisfactory. For it, they need to be read. Website developers always try to surprise users. Beautifully designed and well-designed sites inspire confidence. And of course the line of proposals from the company. A lean line will never attract a client to cooperation.

On the contrary, a wide range of offers will entice gamblers to work harder. Considering the important factors, the player definitely makes the right choice. Comfortable work is the key to success.

Top 6 Companies in the Kabaddi Betting Market

Our main task is to help both beginners and experienced gamblers. At this point, the help is to acquaint you with the main bookmakers in the niche in question. They are the most reliable, have high ratings, and deserve attention.

Our Top 6 bookmakers:

  1. Parimatch;
  2. 10Cric;
  3. 22Bet;
  4. Betway;
  5. 4Rabet;
  6. Pure Win!



Well-adapted to Indian market;
Modernly organized site interface;
Great betting platform;
Attractive bonus program;
Withdrawal methods variety;
First deposit bonus – up to 30 000 rupees!



Large bids variety;
24/7 qualitative clients support;
Large variety of deposit/withdrawal methods;
Well-developed Android/iOS mobile apps;
High odds/margins available!



Attractive bonus program granted to beginners;
Large meetings selection;
Live broadcast availability;
Convenient mobile applications granted to clients;
Suitable deposit methods for bids!



Presence of 10 thousand different games;
Reputable providers;
Convenient versions of the website and mobile application;
Legal license possession;
Availability in over 17 languages!



Available in more than five languages;
Availability of a wide sports match offers to take risks;
Open access to modern operating systems!


Pure Win

Convenient site interface;
Wide range of exotic matches;
Different types of bids;
Favorable offers granted to clients;
Availability of common withdrawal methods!


Looking at the main popular bookmakers’ features, we can conclude there are some similarities.

All six companies approached the development of the site and the line of offers very responsibly. These factors most influence the attitude towards customers.

The constant presence of many gambling opportunities, a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, and the ability to play live while enjoying broadcasts. These offers distinguish companies from competitors in the market.

In 2023, one of the highlights is having mobile versions of websites or apps. The era of technological progress has arrived. Players enjoy betting directly from their smartphones.

There is nothing more comfortable than sitting on your couch, with a gadget in your hands and making winning predictions. Most of the leading bookies have well-designed mobile apps.

Applications are suitable for Android/iOS operating systems. The download process is not complicated and does not take much time. In a few seconds, the entire gambling market is already in your hands.

Final verdict on the kabaddi betting market

We are sure the final decision will be unanimous and confident. Facing such exotic discipline is naturally worth paying attention to. Moreover, it is worth starting to do it right now. The match season is quite limited. Gamblers must clearly understand where and when they get the desired opportunity to earn.

In addition, in order to be on time, you must also be ready to make decisions quickly and clearly. To do it, it is worth studying as much information as possible. It’s time to start. The actions algorithm is very simple.

  • Get acquainted with the data;
  • Choice of bookie;
  • Pass registration and verification;
  • Bet;
  • Win;
  • Get money into your playing account!

Successful fulfillment of all requirements and rules guarantees the gambler a triumphant outcome as an activity result. Therefore, do not postpone such vital decisions until later. Take action now.