Brilliant kabaddi betting sites to gamble in India

Kabaddi is an amazing sport that fascinates from the first second. Today you can enjoy it not only by watching competitions but also by getting additional profit from gambling. We decided to do some research and find the best betting platforms in India that offer gambling on this sport.

Below we will tell you more about tips on how to choose a personally suitable bookmaker, why it is important to pay attention to the availability of a mobile app, and what it means to bet on kabaddi online.

Betting on kabaddi: how to gain

Kabaddi is an ancient and well-known sport to be highly respected in the whole world. The discipline originates from India where thousand years ago it was invented and even today it is still practiced here, as well as in other Asian countries. Let’s overview its main aspects to dig into the topic deeply.

The essence and targets of the game are simple. With two ways to play the game on a rectangular or circular field, professional players compete on a rectangular field. Each team is made up of twelve players, seven starters, and five substitutes, who can sit off the bench.

On a successful attack, the attacker will cross the line into enemy territory and tag the player, then return to their side without being tagged during an attack on the enemy team. For each tagged participant, the attacking team gains one point. If a player goes out of the bonus line, he brings another point.

The popularity of kabaddi according to betting is easy to explain. In well-known leagues, alternative rules are applied, such as a super tack that increases the capture value to two points for an attacking team consisting of only four players.

The «do or die» rule disqualifies a squad after three failed attempts. It makes sports matches totally spectacular. Since it continues to become more spread, the amount of leagues and tournaments is increasing too. As it is an eye-catching and action-packed discipline, it attracts betting on abroad markets.

For each tournament, the gambler can bet on participants and the match day results. As sports gambling markets open up around the world, betting sites offer many options today. With easy-to-understand rules, it is obvious and pretty simple to any gambler who has just puzzled out the game to gamble.

Reasons to start betting on kabaddi online

Today gambling is not just placing stakes at real offline working offices, but the opportunity to gain without leaving home. You are free to both enjoy watching your favorite match and gain extras on it online. The multiplicity of betting sites has a range of undeniable benefits, let’s figure out some of them below.

Bonuses and rewards

All of the great offices provide a wide variety of bonuses. They give winning gamblers more opportunities to play free, have fun and win more money that they can easily withdraw from the company. Bonuses stimulate your gambling. The shares offered by online offices in India attract the interest of cappers because they are usually lucrative and offer all kinds of benefits.

Enjoying with rupees

The opportunity for Indian cappers to bet in rupees (not dollars or euros) is real and many sites allow it. The option has attracted more gamblers to online platforms. Registering and depositing in rupees is easier for punters as they can use traditional methods of sending or receiving funds.

Authorized sites

Companies with licenses issued by the competent authorities demonstrate the suitability of the bookmaker, so you need to choose exactly the ones with certificates to be protected from cheating.
Bookmakers established in India and possessing an international license like Curacao give more opportunities for cappers because they prove their transparency. The chance to get stuck in fraud is minimal.

Software quality

Many live online betting sites in India have pretty great web platforms and apps developed by the best providers in the industry, so they stand out with their quality. The simplicity of the app interface, to give an example, not only attracts new cappers but also allows each customer to feel free of action and not to get misled by a heap of unnecessary options.


Legitimate activities

Gambling with betting sites licensed by international authorities is legal in India. Bookmakers have long been legal to establish and operate in the country.
With no prohibitions on gambling, people are motivated to get more involved in the sector because they are confident that they are not committing any illegal acts.

Variety of stakes

Online platforms have a diverse range of stakes to correspond to all tastes and preferences. The offerings usually include traditional outcomes and the latest updates. Therefore, more cappers are attracted and bids are placed on the sites.

Security and privacy

Most good offices provide SSL encryption to make the process safe and reliable. They are reputable bookmakers who solve the problems of every customer in a timely manner. Fine bookmakers protect the data provided by the cappers during registration, including bank cards. They do not share their content with third parties.

Clear gambling rules

If live online platforms set understandable rules for games, registration, bonuses, withdrawals, and other terms in advance and publish them on an official website, it
undoubtedly encourages more cappers. They need to be sure that it is a reliable resource. Moreover, the opportunity to view the terms at any time is crucial too.

Payment methods

Great offices offer a wide range of paying means, counting the most popular ones, to place stakes and withdraw gainings. It encourages cappers to bet comfortably and safely, as the most reliable payment methods are allowed.

Customer support

Finally you will not find high-quality service support while staking offline. Many agencies in India offer constant and free support to motivate punters to gamble because they may easily solve their inquiries and problems. This way they break the communication barriers and customers feel cared for and satisfied.

In general, live staking at sites or in a measure of apps offers the opportunity to integrate the fun of online sports bidding. Such kabaddi betting also allows cappers to place stakes in real-time during a match. As players compete, odds are updated in real-time to reflect the live action of the game.

Thereby it becomes clear that it’s not easy to choose the correct site or app to play with. The right choice seems to be a warranty of half of the following success. Point out how to select the appropriate platform.

Tips on how to choose a betting site

In India there are many cool platforms to select the most suitable one for you. There are many tips on how to choose the best bookmaker. Of course, if some platform fully meets the needs of one player, this does not mean that it will suit another. In this case, there are a number of main tips and aspects that may be used to determine a good site or app, among them:

  • reputation and international license;
  • event selection, market variety;
  • staking limits, user account closure;
  • deposit and withdrawal options;
  • excellent navigation;
  • customer service;
  • odds;
  • etc.

Of course, there may be many more tips on what to count on, though the ones above are basic and crucial for anyone. Don’t be afraid to try something new and change an office, to understand your own best happy medium it’s obligatory to test different options.


TOP betting sites to gamble on kabaddi in India


  • attractive welcome bonuses
  • well-known quality games and bets
  • user-friendly interface
  • excellent customer support
  • not always odds are the highest


  • big welcome bonus
  • supported by physical agencies and sports bars
  • many deposit methods
  • user-friendly interface
  • lots of countries with restricted access


  • great sports and events variety
  • incredible variety of payment options
  • exotic markets
  • no streaming service


  • attractive selection of games
  • fine service support
  • various payment means
  • few events set


  • large selection of options
  • no transfer fees
  • newly established

Pure Win

  • user-friendly interface
  • huge progressive stakes
  • variety of payment options
  • few languages provided

These are amazingly worthy companies to deal with. It’s obvious that no golden mean can be found, but exactly the offices reviewed are pretty good to start betting online.

To sum up: is it possible to discover a perfect bookmaker?

There is no perfection in anything, especially when it comes to choosing an agency to bet on kabaddi. Each punter has his or her own needs, which to a certain extent are provided by a particular office.

While selecting a company to deal with, you should be guided by the availability of not only basic things (such as a wide selection of competitions, outcomes, and odds), but also specific ones (simplicity of use, clarity, additional bonuses, and promotions).

Never stop trying and discovering something new, because this is the only way to find your own office.