A well-known sports betting app, the Hard Rock Sportsbook, is currently under trial in Florida. The judges have already decided to ban the work of such programs, but now another court must decide whether to overturn this decision or not.
Some industry experts are convinced that the legal sports betting industry still has room for growth in Florida. Many different sport betting apps may start to develop and appear here, but this solution will remain under consideration.
But, despite this, now it is not just about the right to work, but about huge profits and money. Sports betting apps are losing the potential billions of dollars that they could get from gambling. But although the lawsuit has not yet ended and the case has not yet acquired a certain certainty, Hard Rock Sportsbook continues to work and make money. The company exploits uncertainty and continues to operate and empower people to place bets on various sports events.
While the lawsuit is still over, the company is beginning to collect signatures on a petition that is supposed to bring the issue of legalizing sports betting to a vote. Only in this case, they will have the opportunity to change the decision of the judges and win this case in their favor. We will follow the development of events!

Source: FOX 13