How to correctly and profitably bet on kabaddi

Sport has always held a special place in the hearts and lives of people. Since ancient times, spectators have not missed a single sporting event. Races, horse races, matches, and tournaments took the fans’ breath away every time. The total love for sports has survived to this day.

Classical disciplines occupy top places in the rankings. Football, basketball, golf, martial arts, horseback riding, and even esports. Viewers have clearly heard of these varieties. But what if we told you that there are exotic and quite exciting options? Today we want to introduce kabaddi.

Perhaps many people have never even heard of this. But we are sure that as soon as the essence and features of the discipline become clear, you will simply fall in love at first sight. Something unknown and unknown always attracts and attracts. More and more I want to know and explore the unknown question. The same situation is repeated in the kabaddi case.

The gambling world also did not stand still. It developed along with classic sports. Not surprisingly, betting on exotic disciplines is less popular in countries on different continents. But that makes them more attractive.

The fewer gamblers are involved during activities, the higher the odds and the more attractive offers you can find. Let’s quickly understand the intricacies of the pearl of the gambling segment.

Sports discipline’s entire essence

Kabaddi is one of the most exotic disciplines in the world. The usual struggle is not the most exciting plot of events. Spectators are more attracted to knockouts, tough fights, and unforeseen plots. Kabaddi is a team game. It appeared a very long time ago, back in the days of ancient India.

There is a legend that Krishna himself played as a child. Another legend says that the Buddha also had fun in this way. Tibetan monks are another early sportsmen. Kabaddi in India is considered the main way to test physical strength.

Basic game rules

The modern segment is represented by a few simple rules. Initially, it should be noted that the game lasts 40 minutes in total – two halves, each half for 20 minutes. Two teams compete on the field. 12 players are part of the team.

Game parameters  Meaning
Time 40 minutes
Halves 2 (20 minutes)
Teams 2 clubs
Players 12 in each team
Weight Up to 80 kg


At the start of the first half, seven representatives from each team enter the field. The playing field is represented by rectangles. The size of the rectangle is 13 meters long and 10 meters wide. As in classic football, the field is divided into two parts. Each part is assigned to a team. An interesting fact is that only men weighing up to 80 kg are allowed to play.

Playing field organization peculiarities

The field is a separate topic in kabaddi. The playground has an area of 130 square meters – 13 meters long and 10 meters wide. The site is presented in the form of a rectangle, which is divided into two equal parts. Each part is given to each team.

Court parameters  Peculiarities
Length 13 meters
Width 10 meters
Lines Midline, overlapping/bonus lines
Area Lobby
Space 130 square meters


There is a midline in the middle. It is the midline that separates the two halves. In addition to the midline, the court has overlapping lines on the side of each club, bonus lines, and a lobby area. The lobby area is a designated area for members to relax and substitute stays.

Common goal and participants’ task

The overall goal of the game is for a team to try to score more points than the opponent. In order to get points, the club sends one member to someone else’s half. This member is called a raider. His task is to cross the midline and say the word kabaddi many times.

It is a sign for the judge that the so-called raid is carried out in one breath without additional exhalations and inhalations. Each raid can last up to 30 seconds.

Team participants 12 members – raider/defenders
Game participants 2 clubs and referee
Raider’s goal 
  • Crossing the center line;
  • Touching Opponents;
  • Homecoming!
Defenders’ goal
  • Team Defense;
  • Raider Hunt!
Disqualification In case of failure


The raider may be disqualified for incorrect actions. In the event of a successful passage into the enemy zone, the raider must touch as many opponents as possible. Touching the arm, leg, nose, back, or stomach counts. Each touch = one point. There are also defenders in the team.

Their task is to prevent the raider from returning to the middle of the field. You can interfere with the powers by the legs, arms, or clasping the raider. The team can exchange points for disqualified players.
In general, the rules and essence of the game are quite interesting and unusual. Something reminiscent of a long-forgotten yard children’s fun.

Geographical essence of the discipline’s popularity

Geographically, Kabaddi has a whole region. Since the discipline originated in India, it is the country that has the highest prevalence rate. India’s neighboring countries could not stand aside. Geographical proximity in itself predicted a high level of popularity in other countries.

The Asian continent is the key geographic arena. It is there that sport acquires new and bright colors. Let’s look at the percentage of the level of popularity by region in different years.

Geographical region Percentage coverage 
2000 2010 2016 2022
Asia 34% 45% 53.5% 79%
South America 2% 3.5% 5.1% 8%
North America 3% 4.9% 7.2% 10%
Africa 0.4% 0.9% 1.3% 2%
Europe 4.1% 5.9% 8.6% 13%


The same statistical information is available separately by country.

Geographical region Percentage coverage 
2000 2010 2016 2022
India 32% 46.2% 59.6% 85%
Japan 29% 31.4% 35.1% 46%
Nepal 14% 19.5% 24% 28.7%
Thailand 6% 7.4% 9% 12.1%
USA 2% 3.2% 4.4% 5%
Canada 1.4% 1.9% 2% 2.3%
Great Britain 0.5% 0.6% 0.9% 1.2%
Kenia 0.1% 0.15% 0.2% 0.45%
Australia 0.15% 0.2% 0.7% 0.9%


The level of prevalence and popularity depends on the geographical location of the country, the population and the level of development of sports in general.

Key kabaddi championships

A good sport is characterized by a large number of different tournaments and championships. Indian sports are most developed in India. It was India that invented and created the most popular championships. Today there is Vivo Pro, World Cup, Masters.

Vivo Pro World Cup Masters
Foundation year 2014 2004 2018
Dates May-July June-August 22-30 June
Country India India United Arab Emirates
Tournament format Double round league/playoffs 12 clubs Double round league/knockout
Most successful club Patna Pirates (3 titles) India (3 titles) Pakistan/South Korea
Seasons 2014-2022 2004,2006,2016 2018
TV partners
  • Star Sports 2;
  • Star Sports 1 Hindi!
  • ESPN+ (US);
  • India Star Sports;
  • United Kingdom Sky Sports!
  • Canada Ten 2!
Distinctive features Play-offs of two semi-finals and one final Women’s World Cup Flagships: Argentina, Pakistan, Iran, Kenya


Major competitions allow you to earn large sums. It is worth learning how to correctly analyze the final standings. Let’s take the Vivo Pro Championship as an example.

Season Winner Result Best raider Best defender Runner-Up Total points winner
2022 Jaipur Pink Panthers 35-24 Anup Kumar Manjeet Chhillar U Mumba Anup Kumar
2021 U Mumba 36-30 Kashiling Adake Ravinder Pahal Bengaluru Bulls Kashiling Adake
2019 Patna Pirates 31-28 Pardeep Narwal Manjeet Chhillar U Mumba Pardeep Narwal
2018 Patna Pirates 37-29 Rahul Chaudhari Fazel Atrachali Jaipur Pink Panthers Rahul Chaudhari
2017 Patna Pirates 55-38 Pardeep Narwal Surender Nada Gujarat Fortune Giants Pardeep Narwal


A detailed analysis helps the bettor to analyze which participants appear most often in the rating lists. Frequent winners are more likely to continue to show positive results.

Wide Variety of Common Betting Types

The purpose of each action in the gambling world is monetary benefit and success. In the gambling world, Kabaddi does not change. Each bettor is eager to implement only victorious predictions. To this end, the gambler must analyze in detail all the enrolled information – from the history of the game to the last performances at the championships.

The first thing which any gambler is faced with is varieties of bids. Often, the eyes are simply scattering and it is not clear what is intended for. For this reason, today we propose to understand the essence of the issue – what bids on event exist and what are their features.

Preliminary analysis is extremely important

As in any business, the wagerer should conduct a premised analysis of all components of the options. Kabaddi is a very housing picnic discipline. From the very beginning it is even difficult to understand what to pay attention to. Fortunately, experts from the sports market have collected all the necessary data.

  1. Start with the basics;
  2. Control the game budget;
  3. Monitor injuries!

Three simple and at the same time complex advice. Let’s figure it out alternately.

Fundamentals – the key to primitive success. Without the foundations of advance, there will be no further. Bettor should spend time and study the basic foundations – information about the clubs and their participants.

Monitoring the budget is the duty of any wagerer. Without such control, he risks becoming bankrupt on the first day of activity. Do not forget – the bid size on a new unknown sport should be lower than the average. Thus, bettor learns to feel the segment itself and its features.

We must not forget about the physical and psychological state of athletes. The condition is one of the main factors of influence on the result of the outcome. Take a job before the implementation of predictions to analyze the current form of athletes. In the future, it will help to avoid difficulties.

Main predictions varieties

Knowing the types of bids will help the gambler make the right choice in any game situation. In the case of kabaddi, bookmakers offer wide lines of offers. The lines are filled with a wide variety of types of bets. Clients have plenty to choose from.

There are such rates:

  • Event outcome;
  • Best crew;
  • Best player;
  • Total Points;
  • Total attacks;
  • Total defense;
  • Getting into top charts!

Recently, live activities have become especially popular. Live opens up wide possibilities of playing in real time. Watching the actions on the field, the player simultaneously decides to change the forecast. As for the prevalence of other species, the picture is as follows:

Bid type Prevalence level
Event outcome 88%
Best team 79%
Best player 83%
Total Points 66%
Total attacks 51%
Total defense 53%
Getting into top charts 48%


The simpler the bid, the easier it is to triumph. Complexity directly increases risk. And the risk increases the size of the prize. Decide for yourself – take risks and win a lot, or be calm and win at a moderate pace.

How to learn to understand coefficients and work with them

Ratios are an important part of strategy development. Coefficients are essentially a numerical expression of the probability of any event occurring. The coefficients are of the following types:

  • decimal;
  • fractional;
  • American;
  • Indonesian;
  • Malaysian!

Most often, bookmakers use the first two varieties. Decimals are the most common. It is important to learn how to calculate the coefficients yourself. This way you can find the best deals. Let’s take an example.

Vivo Pro Championship. Match between two teams – Jaipur Pink Panthers (1) and U Mumba (2). Analysts give results on the outcome of the match (win/draw):

W1 Draw W2
65% 25% 10%


Remember, analysts give probability. Now the probability needs to be converted into coefficients. For this purpose, it is necessary to divide the number 100 by each probability.

W1 Draw W2
1.53 4 10


Everything would be fine, but such a simple situation cannot be found in real life. A simple conversion of probability into odds is unprofitable for bookmakers. It is where the concept of margin comes in.

Margin is a percentage which helps bookmakers always stay in the black regardless of the outcome. Bookmakers always give lower odds.

W1 Draw W2
1.49 3.85 9.35


Convert them back to probabilities, we get:

W1 Draw W2
67.1% 25.9% 10.7%


The sum of the probabilities in the first case was 100%. Taking into account betting offers, the amount became – 103.7%. 103.7%-100%=3.7%. 3.7% – bookmaker’s margin. Thanks to the margin, the company always remains in the black.

Now look how much money you can get in this example. We place a bid of $1000.

W1 Draw W2
1.49×$1000 = $1490 3.85×$1000 = $3850 9.35×$1000 = $9350


The higher the ratio, the more you can earn. But do not forget, high rates usually appear in a very risky outcome. You can both win big and lose big.

Gambling and financial strategies to apply

Strategy in the original is a set of rules and actions. The goal of every strategy is utility. In the gambling world, such usefulness is manifested in triumphant actions. Every wagerer should remember that there is no win-win strategy in the world.

Tactics of action is just an algorithm of actions. The algorithm only helps to come to the desired result. However, the most important thing is the fact of strategy speeding up the action and increasing the success chances.

In the game world, there are both gambling and financial strategies. It is clear from the names themselves that the former are used in the game, while the latter are used in budget control.

Types of playing techniques

Gambling strategies are the main tactics of gambling activity. In different sports, the varieties may differ.

  • There are common tactics:
  • Catch-up;
  • Alternative catch-up;
  • Time predictions;
  • Ladder;
  • Express bid on favorite;
  • Underdogs;
  • Accounting statistics!

Playing strategies clearly indicate what you should pay attention to during the analysis or during the choice of the type of forecast.

Financial technicians have other tasks

As for financial techniques, their task is to preserve the client’s gaming budget to the maximum.

  • Martingale – increase the bet if you lose again;
  • D’Alembert – raise the bid if you lose (the odds are not higher than 2.0);
  • Catching up – increase the value of the prediction, decrease the coefficient;
  • Fixed bank interest – each prediction = strictly allocated funds;
  • Fibonacci series – Fibonacci numbers (each number is the sum of the previous two). The first two forcasts are the same amount. Then the sum of the two previous forcasts!

Financial strategies are much more complicated than ordinary gambling ones. Dealing with money is always responsible. But practical development will definitely bring pleasant bonuses to the money owner.

Unusual and Exotic Betting Brings Unusual Earnings

We have already seen that kabaddi is an exotic sport. To master the gambling process, the wagerer needs to prepare for much more effort and longer time than in classical disciplines.

But when the aspect is fully mastered, you will not be able to believe the total triumph – the results will be stunning.