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Every gambler chooses for himself a bookmaker with whom he will go hand in hand, experiencing good luck and small losses of capital, in the case of an unsuccessful bet.

It is essential to choose a bookie who will be loyal to the newcomers, help advice in real-time, give bonuses in time, and motivate them to continue to play in the casino or bet.

Such a bookmaker is Pure Win. The functionality of this bookmaker has a user-friendly interface, with a support chat for beginners and experienced players.

There are also an online casino, open access to slots, and gambling slot machines.

For those who like to bet - there are a lot of options for betting on sports, including standard sports: soccer, basketball, cricket, as well as popular in our part of the world sport Kabaddi.

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Pros & Cons


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • 24/7 chat support for new players
  • Fast payment of your money to your card
  • Simple game rules
  • Large sports staking section
  • Enabled online casino
  • Live betting
  • Streaming competitions and matches that you can watch directly on the site
  • Support for deposits and replenishments in different ways
  • Big bonuses from a bookie


  • application crashes very rarely
  • sometimes there are small problems with the server



  • Website: https://www.purewin.com/en
  • Founded: 2021
  • Licence: yes
  • Mobile: Yes

Banking Options

  • Credit card
  • E-wallet
  • Cryptocurrency
  • etc.


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • etc.

Restricted Countries

  • Australia
  • Bulgaria
  • China
  • etc.


  • USD
  • EUR
  • INR

Customer Support

What is Kabaddi and how to bet on Kabaddi in Pure Win?

Kabaddi is a popular team sport in India and other Eastern countries. Real fans of this sport are not easy to find. Only true fans take the risk of betting and winning on Kabaddi. But the popularity of this type of competition is returning, as more and more people are becoming interested in unusual art.

Most kabaddi fans are in Bangladesh, which is considered the capital of the sport. There it flourishes and there is no one who has not heard about the champions of the kabaddi league. That’s why staking in a bookie on the team sport is very popular. And it’s easy to meet a world-class champion on the street.

Pure Win – how to stake on kabaddi

Pure Win – is one of the few bookmakers that allow you to stake on kabaddi. In fact, there are not many bookmakers that offer gambling bets on this sport, as it is not very popular worldwide, only in Eastern countries. And yet, you can make a lot of money on it if you know how to bet correctly.

First, you have to get authorized by the bookie and get your bonuses. This can be done after depositing your account. The first bet can be the minimum, it will be enough and 5 dollars to start.

Second, choose your team. Analyze the previous competitions. Their records can be viewed on the Internet, also it will not hurt to make an analysis of estimates and odds already in the bookmaker’s office.

Thirdly, select the outcome. Our advice – make the first few bets on indicators with small odds. This way you will have a chance to break into the winner’s league in small increments without any serious risk to your money.

Why you should choose Pure Win: pros and cons of the bookmaker

Bookmaker is a reliable and trusted bookie with an online casino, you can get great bonuses and help on any issue. The licensed gambling office is trusted by more than 100,000 players around the world. So you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of this office.

The ostensible disadvantage is that the application crashes very rarely. But they do not affect your bets, as well as your capital. These are small problems with the server, which occur when there is a large overload of players.

Why you should stake on Kabaddi in Pure Win (2023)

Kabaddi – is a popular sport that is gaining momentum. Every day more and more players are interested in it, so do not write off the opportunity to make money on the mountainous topic. As an experienced bookie, Pure Win gives you the exclusive right to bet on this sport.

The license agreement of the gambling company cannot but interest you. You can get a deposit and cashback on the first bet to save your money. So you don’t lose anything, you just do what you like and stake on your favorite sport.

This is a new way to make big money fast. Don’t miss the moment before other gamblers take your luck out from under your nose. Take action now and win with a profitable stake with Pure Win.


Is it legal to stake on sports?

Yes, if it is a legitimate bookie with a license. Such a Pure Win. It is fully registered and does not conduct any illegal activities, so all the activities are transparent and you see your balance, accepting the terms of the user agreement.

How to start betting?

To start staking in Pure Win, all you have to do is go to the website and log in. To do this, you need to enter your data, as well as deposit a small amount of money in any convenient way. After that, the bookie will give you bonuses. They can be used in the “staking ” section on any sport.

How to withdraw money from Pure Win

You can specify a convenient way to withdraw money when logging in.

This can be a bank card, as well as the account of any service available in the casino. In addition, you can limit the amount of input or deposit, so as not to exceed the card limits.

Why should I choose Kabaddi?

You can choose any sport to stake on at Pure Win. We recommend competition because there is less competition and more opportunity to win big money.

But you can also bet on soccer and even cybersports if you are interested.