Perfect Teams for Kabaddi Betting in 2023

Kabaddi is a unique sport that is widespread in the regions of South Asia, especially in India and Pakistan. But the real fans know that besides the thrill of their hobby you can get an additional source of income!

Betting on sports in the modern world is profitable as never before, because the number of regular users is growing in progression, and the odds on the matches offer good potential winnings!
You can join the gambling community and start your way into sports betting today!

Kabaddi is the best fit for that. In this article, you will learn about the current top favorites and how you can take advantage of this information to earn more. In reality, this business doesn’t require you to make a big financial investment or academic knowledge. All the heights you achieve using only your mind and attentiveness. Let’s figure out the nuances together and make you a true professional!

Why Kabaddi is so Popular

In order to be a professional gambler, it is necessary to approach the issue of studying the field of your future work competently. Including it is important to understand the history of the current state of affairs and the basic rules of modern tournaments. Combining knowledge of the past and present will give a good chance to predict the future outcome of matches!

The History of Sports

Kabaddi is an exceptional sport that has remained relatively undeveloped until recently. It is only in the last decades that large organizations have started to create tournaments and individual events.

Entire stadiums are being built in cities, large specialized forums are appearing on the Internet – all of this increases the status and popularity of kabaddi among ordinary people. But gamblers are attracted by other things.

It availability of dozens of big leagues and systematic development of the community together with increasing odds and betting limits. All of these criteria together give a huge earning potential for a relatively small investment!

At the moment, you can find information about dozens of major tournaments with top teams from around the world. These include such events as Kabaddi World Cup, Asian Games, Pro Kabaddi League, Indo International PKL, and others. Read more about each of the events in a separate article on!

Every season there is an explosion of public interest in betting in the gambling industry. Accordingly, bookmakers are forced to raise the multitude of deals and betting limits. You have an opportunity to grab yourself a piece of the pie and create an additional source of funds.

Rules and Features of Kabaddi

Kabaddi is a team sport, with a history of thousands of years. The rules of the game are as simple as possible. There are two teams on the field, each of which is played by seven people. The game lasts two halves of twenty minutes with a small break in between.

What is the essence of the game? The task of the athlete is to run over the border between their half of the field and half of the opponent and touch any part of the body of the enemy player. After that, return to his half of the space as quickly as possible.

The task of the defending team is to hinder the attacker and physically prevent him from returning to his side. To do this, it is necessary to knock him to the ground using free wrestling techniques. For each successful action, the sides get points and athletes who fail the task are eliminated until the next half.

At the start of the match, the referee uses the usual coin flip to decide which side will go first. Do not disregard the coin flip, because it can also earn money! Many bookmakers are taking bets on the results of this completely random event!

Gamblers are interested in everything you can bet on. In the case of kabaddi, deals are made on aspects of the match, from flipping a coin to deciding the best player and the winner of the event! There are even separate money lines regarding rule violations and injuries!

Therefore, beginners spend some time understanding in detail all the interesting aspects of each battle and decide for themselves which of them best suits their style of analysis and gambling!

Top Kabaddi Teams in India for Betting

Kabaddi has gained the most popular in India. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of the top teams are from this country. The gambling community steadily singles out more than a dozen sides, which are favorites in any tournament and show the best results among the opponents.

To be a profitable gambler, you need to compile a quality analysis of all the favorites and the best athletes to have a methodology to help. But, the project has done all the work for you and prepared a thorough analysis of all the top clubs playing at the moment. Let’s take a look at them!

U Mumba

U Mumba is a professional unit created in 2014 in Mumbai, India. Since 2014, they have played every season in the PKL without missing a single year. In doing so, they have shown amazing results since the first tournament, beating all their opponents by the head.

The fortune turned away from U Mumba at the final stage of the first season, and the group took second place. But many experts were surprised by such an abrupt entry of the squad into the list of favorites, even despite the stellar lineup of players!

Already in 2015, at the second attempt, the club corrected the deficiencies of the last time and with a large margin won the championship. The next season the situation repeated itself and the athletes easily beat their opponents but again stumbled in the final stage. This had a negative impact on the image of the club, with the consequence that many star players left it.

That’s why two today in a row from 2016 to 2018, the squad of Mumbai didn’t even make it past the qualifying stage. But already in 2019 and 2020, U Mumba is again firmly in the lead, only slightly short of the championship title!

The current captain of the squad is Fazel Atrachali, a star athlete with a tremendous track record. He is teamed with coach Anil Chapman, who previously coached Green Army Kabaddi. This combination gives a good chance of winning the upcoming season!

Gamblers every year consider U Mumba as the main favorite to win and, often not wrong. After all, the current squad is sometimes on the head superior to all athletes, both in terms of physical characteristics and cooperation! This is evidenced by the results of recent seasons, let’s look at them!

Season Position Wins Loses Points
VI 3 15 5 86
VII 4 12 8 72
VIII 10 7 10 55


Many experts believe in the possible return of U Mumba to the leaderboard in the next championship, so you should pay attention to their stats and be prepared!

Bengaluru Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls is a squad created in 2013, based in the city of Bangalore. The first game took place in 2014 when the squad immediately made the list of contenders for the championship title. But up until the sixth season, the Bulls were unable to pass the main favorites and take first place.

In 2018, the situation changed drastically and after a surprising victory in a couple of matches over the Gujarat Titans, the group entered the leaderboard. Much of the significant growth was due to the support of Kosmik Global Media, a management company heavily invested in the club’s lineup and media PR.

Already in the seventh season, the fortune turned away from the group and they again failed to take the lead. Many experts predict a significant improvement in the performance and statistics of the squad, due to several good transfers! Today the team is coached by the famous Randhir Singh and led by Vikash Kandola, the most expensive player in kabaddi at the moment!


A few statistics will help you understand the situation better. In your analysis, try to build on this information and add to it other data about the state of the players, the latest news, and predictions from experienced gamblers. Here is a helpful chart:

Season Position Wins Loses Points
VI 1 15 2 78
VII 6 11 10 72
VIII 5 11 9 68


Do not overlook other aspects. Experienced people pay attention to the morale of athletes, videos from their last training sessions, and the presence of personal animosity with opponents!

Bengal Warriors

Bengal Warriors is a unique club from the East Bengal city of Kolkata. They as well as the opponents were created back in 2014 to participate in the first season of the PKL. But more or less adequate results the squad showed only in 2019 when to the surprise of the crowd became the champion, beating the favorites from Dabang Delhi!

All of this was made possible by the systematic actions of the management since 2016 when the team was completely reformatted. The old roster was fired and new athletes were recruited in their place. 2018 was also a successful year for the Warriors. They reaffirmed their title as championship contenders once again.

Today the team is coached by B.C.Ramesh an excellent coach with a great track record. His professionalism is evidenced by his first-place finish in season 7 of the PKL. The team captain is Maninder Singh, who is regarded as one of the best raiders in the league!


Here is a table with the team’s results in the last three seasons, for a better understanding of the progress the players have made over the years!

Season Position Wins Loses Points
V 7 8 11 57
VI 4 12 8 69
VII 1 14 5 83


As you may see, the squad’s performance improves with each season, which can’t help but make the gamers happy. You have all the chances to make profitable deals by relying on Bengal Warriors!

Patna Pirates

The Pirates are the most successful squad in the history of the league. In eight seasons, they’ve won three championships. That automatically makes them the favorite in any tournament in which they participate. Especially interesting were the third, fourth, and fifth seasons, in which the squad was in first place with a huge margin, with staggering odds from bookmakers and analysts.

A bit of contrast was the seventh season, in which the club could not even make it out of the group stage. Analysts gave many reasons why this could happen, but the main thing is different. Already by the time of the next tournament, the management made the right personnel decisions and the Pirates were back on the list of leaders!

The squad captain today is Prashant Kumar Rai, the oldest of the players, but with vast experience and good physical fitness. The coach of the group is Ram Mehar Singh, who has led the crew to stunning results and to the top of the PKL.

Many experts are confident of Patna Pirates’ impending success in their ninth season, so you should consider them as your favorites! Here are the gang’s stats from the past three seasons to see the dynamics of their preparation.

Season Position Wins Loses Points
VI 4 9 11 55
VII 8 8 13 51
VIII 2 16 5 86


The side’s performance improves every time and has already reached its pre-peak stats. So 2023 will be a stellar time for them!

Jaipur Pink Panthers

The Pink Panthers are a group from Jaipur that dominated the league in its early years. In 2014 and 2018, the Panthers won the league title, slightly ahead of their rivals. But unfortunately, those statistics were the exception rather than the rule. Now the group can’t boast a good performance and is consistently ranked as outsiders in the standings.

The coach of the squad is Sanjeev Baliyan, and the captain is Sandeep Dhull. Both of these men boast the status of professional and very experienced people. But the cooperation and individual characteristics of the other athletes leave much to be desired.

Analysts are not predicting a good outcome for the group in 2023. But often in the history of sports, the dark horses surprised the former favorites with unexpected decisions and eventually emerged as the leaders. This could be just such a situation!

The website has prepared the Jaipur Pink Panthers results table for you!

Season Position Wins Loses Points
VI 5 6 13 43
VII 7 9 11 58
VIII 8 10 10 63


Gamblers need to be well versed in the performance of all sides because on this you should normally earn! By preparing a tutorial you will be able to make faster decisions and better navigate in unexpected situations!

How to Choose the Best Squad

Choosing the right side to bet on is much easier than you think! You only need to do a couple of things!

Analyze the situation. Many gamblers draw conclusions based on simple match statistics and recent players. But just dig a little deeper and you’ll have many times more tools than your opponents. This may include things like videos of athletes training, possible acclimatization process, playing in your home stadium or away, and the like. Don’t limit yourself and you’ll expand your horizons several times over!

Listen to Influencers, Bloggers. use their knowledge to develop a personal brand and help newcomers reach new heights. Sign up for a few quality social media groups posting their opinions and you’ll already be earning times more!

Take your time with your choices. Making deals in a hurry is definitely not a good idea. It will lead to undesirable results and wrong conclusions. You will learn more about this in the next section!

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about the process of making deals. Everything is done through small logical chains and correct conclusions. If you learn this skill and form a plan of action, you shouldn’t have any problems.

How to Bet on Kabaddi Teams

In order to bet on sports, it is necessary to do some quality preparatory work. Seasoned gamblers try to help newcomers in all aspects, but without a desire on their part, it is problematic to do so. So be open to new information, and participate in various social communities, forum discussions, and influencer groups.

Thanks to this approach you will guarantee yourself fast development and increase of knowledge progressively!

Our project has prepared you with a step-by-step guide on how to start your way in sports betting:

  • Learn the rules and features. Know the field you are playing on. Tournament rules and features change from time to time, which can play a cruel trick on you. It is better to be prepared for the unexpected and to prepare competently for each deal, understanding the underlying situation;
  • Prepare morally. The main enemy of the gambler is his own emotions. Many people do not know how to control them and become victims of their own ego or anger. In many ways, this skill is developed in the process of life. But you can get it thanks to special exercises and courses on the Internet.  There are a lot of them, which allows you not to deny yourself the choice. By controlling your emotions, you will manage them, and in critical moments it will be much easier to think;
  • Learn financial management. Gambling is a very specific type of investment, which requires no less attention and effort from a person than the standard types of this business. Your main tool is money which you need to properly manage and understand the way it works;
  • Count the money, understand it, and then it will start working for real. Start with a trivial calculation of your monthly expenses and profits to find out where your money comes from and where you spend it most often;
  • Choose the right strategy. Don’t assume that gamblers make all their decisions spontaneously. Every move a professional makes is subject to rules that were created by him or her. At the beginning of your way, you can use ready-made templates taken from your colleagues. As you grow, you can add to them those terms that suit you specifically and move up the career ladder even faster;
  • Study statistics. This article gave you a basic understanding of the main criteria for evaluation, as well as some ready-made information and analysis on current major league squads. Don’t stop there! Try doing your own investigation and uncovering trends hidden from the rest of the public’s eyes;
  • Register a trading account. There is a separate article on with a breakdown of the best bookmakers suitable for sports betting. Use it to make the best decision. But in any case, you need to get your account in order to get access to the functionality and make trades;
  • Don’t stop learning. The world is constantly changing and so is the world of gambling. To stay afloat you need to update your knowledge and exclude obsolete tools, adding new ones. Self-education will lead you to success and teach you important life skills!

After completing all the points of the guide you can consider yourself a full member of the community of gamblers with basic knowledge, basic tools, and motivation to work!

Let’s Start Your Work Today!

The 2023 PKL season begins very soon! Don’t miss your opportunity to lay the foundation for the life of your dreams. Betting on the top sports clubs from the list in this article will allow you to greatly increase your odds and earn times more than the competition.

Don’t waste your time and start learning today! Good luck to you and good odds!