The Best Kabaddi Tournaments For Betting

Kabaddi is an amazing and authentic sport that originated in ancient India and during many years did not leave the borders of the continent, absorbing the unique local flavor and experience. The unique rules and features of the game provide a high interest of the audience, given that the first championship in the outlandish sport took place only in 2004.

The activity has been known since ancient India and was a traditional game among all the people of the country. The bizarre mixture of wrestling and tags requires the participants to have a high level of agility, strength and resourcefulness.

In addition, the players are forced to constantly pronounce the word “Kabaddi”, which requires great lung endurance, because the athlete must perform all actions on one exhalation in order to prevent opponents from catching themselves.

Many fans have already dubbed this game the new cricket, thanks to the agility and excitement of young athletes who have eclipsed the former popularity of sports stars of the past generation. The new type of activity is ideal for those who are not familiar with classic competitions, but want to try their hand at online gambling.

Due to the ever-growing popularity of the original Indian traditional game, bookmakers are providing more and more online sport predictions opportunities. The alignment allows you to constantly earn money on bets, and a large selection of tournaments held provides opportunities to make predictions on kabaddi all year round.

Let’s take a closer look at the sport and find out why betting on it has become so popular lately and what gambling benefits it promises.

Kabaddi Popularity

The popularity of this unusual sport is provided by several important factors. First of all, sophisticated spectators and fans are tired of the classic standard format competitions. This sport is very unusual due to the simultaneous use of voice, lungs, body and rapid movement around the field with elements of wrestling.

Thus, athletes compete not only in strength or agility, but also in resourcefulness and resourcefulness.

Also, due to the huge number of factors affecting the outcome of the match, bettors fell in love with this game, because the more possible outcomes are available, the more predictions opportunities there are.
Among other things, do not forget about the accessibility and simplicity of kabaddi.

Based on the requirements that must be met in order to host a match, it is easy to guess that it is much cheaper to host a series of kabaddi matches than to host a single standard match of any classic popular activity.

In this regard, tournaments are constantly held in large numbers and increase the successful online betting chances.

At the moment, the kabaddi culture is at its peak and is winning the hearts of new admirers every day. Today is the best time to become one of the fans of the sport and make money on it.

According to some reports, the history of the sport dates back more than four thousand years. This is confirmed by all sorts of studies that find traces of similar games in the folklore and household items of the ancient tribes inhabiting the territory of modern India.

Every Delhi child learns to play Kabaddi from childhood, which has ensured the leadership of Indian athletes in the international arena.

South Asia has become the parent of many sports, but none of them can boast such authenticity and originality. It is thanks to these qualities that this fun is gaining such frantic momentum and attracts the attention of such a huge number of people around the globe.

The Most Favorable Tournaments

In order to bet and make money on it, you need to know what events allow you to do it as profitably as possible. This requires careful analysis and verification of championships. We have done a thorough research on the issue and have prepared for you a list of the most popular tournaments that are held around the world and are widely represented among bookmakers.

Naturally, the world-class championships are considered the most prestigious tournaments, participation in which first-class squads from all over the world are involved. It is not only pleasant to watch such people, but also profitable, because every movement of an athlete can play an important role and bring the crew a long-awaited victory.

Kabaddi World Cup

The most titled and prestigious championship is the World Cup, which has been held since 2004. So far, only three such tournaments have been held. In 2004, the establishment of the competition was announced, which allowed squads from all over the world to compete with each other and determine the best.

The first championship was held in Mumbai, as the roots of the sport go deep into the history of South Asia. The format of the event is called classical or standard, as it corresponds to the rules and laws that were formulated a very long time ago in ancient South Asia.

The standard format provides the competition of two groups of 12 people: 7 main players on the field and 5 substitutes, which can be changed at the discretion of the captain or coach. Each cres has its own half of the field.

The attacking player starts the movement first, who runs out to the opposite side of the court and continuously pronounces the name of the game in one breath. When a player takes a breath, opponents can grab him, thereby earning a point. The attacker, in turn, seeks to touch the maximum number of players in order to earn points.

Such simple rules immediately appealed to both athletes and fans. This is why betting on kabaddi is so easy and profitable.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • actual line-up;
  • physical state of players;
  • field type;
  • the morale of the participants;
  • past performance;
  • availability of a license from a bookmaker;
  • up-to-date analytics and forecasts in the network;
  • high odds;
  • possibility of LIVE betting!

Pay attention to each factor before risking your funds.

India became the champion of the first tournament, squads from Iran, Bangladesh and Canada took the second and third places with good results.

Such a variety of countries testifies to the international status of the event and its wide popularity around the globe.

The next world cups were held in 2007 in Panvel and in 2016 in Ahmedabad. Every year, the team from India won, making the squad the main hotstar of the contest with the highest possible scores. The most deserving contenders were groups from Iran, Thailand, Canada and Japan.

Winners list of all three World Cups:

Year 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2004 India Iran Bangladesh and Canada
2007 India Iran Bangladesh and Japan
2016 India Iran South Korea and Thailand


The event was broadcast by major broadcasters in South Asia, the UK and Canada, which allowed a huge number of fans to place bets and follow the competition from different countries.
Many bettors are already speculating about who is more likely to be the next highest scoring squad in the world.

If you are always looking for the best way to place bets, then you should definitely focus on the league. Thanks to world-class athletes and a first-class organizer, you will be able to enjoy high-quality broadcasting and place successful bets online in LIVE mode.

A distinctive feature of such events is a high hype, so make sure to secure a place among the championship spectators in advance.

Pro Kabaddi League

Another prestigious competition held in South Asia. In the tournament, professional teams compete with each other, and all this is broadcast by the local company Star Sports. Many bookmakers also provide broadcasting and LIVE betting services of the format.

The first season took place in 2014 and gathered a record number of viewers of 430 million people! Such figures indicate the wild popularity of the game, which allows us to make very successful predictions.
12 teams take part in the tournament. Initially, they are divided into two groups of 6, deciding which of them will get into the playoffs for subsequent participation in the semi-finals and finals.

At the moment, the most successful squad and the current champion is Debang Delhi K.C., whose bets bring stable and high income to bettors.

The format of the fight is exactly the same as the world competitions. Standard rules provide for the presence of elements of wrestling, wrestling and running.

League season 8 has been postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

All the results of each match are entered in the points table, based on which it is possible to draw conclusions about the success of the teams in order to determine which bet will be profitable.

Let’s take a look at the winners list of the tournament.

Year 1st Place 2nd Place
2014 Jaipur Pink Panthers U Mumba
2015 U Mumba Bengaluru Bulls
2016 Patna Pirates U Mumba
2017 Patna Pirates Jaipur Pink Panthers
2018 Patna Pirates Gujarat Fortune Giants
2019 Bengaluru Bulls Gujarat Fortune Giants
2020 Bengal Warriors Dabang Delhi
2021 Dabang Delhi Patna Pirates


Thanks to the list of winners, you can analyze the success of different lineups and predict the next champion.

Remember, many bookmakers allow you to bet not only on the first place, but also on the losing team, as well as the most productive participants.
More promising players appear in the Indo International Premier Kabaddi League.

A distinctive feature of the regulation is the fact, individual teams are allowed to participate, which are not required to consist of one ethnic layer, which makes it possible to auction, transfer and replace players.

Thus, in addition to the main factors, you need to monitor the change in the composition of teams, the results of individual athletes, coaches and captains.

In addition, before the competitive season, an auction is necessarily held, the results of which can be decisive for the outcome of the championship.

We also advise you to pay attention to the past performance of the teams. If the line-up is young and unplayed, then it is likely after a series of defeats, the athletes will not be able to get together and completely fail the season.

If the members of the group are experienced and played, then they can return the advantage at the end of the season, when it seemed all chances were lost. It also allows you to make cheap but risky bets that, if successful, can pay handsome dividends.

Asian Games Kabaddi

The tournament was one of the first to allow women’s teams to compete. Women’s squads have established themselves as quite competitive and reach the finals with enviable regularity.
To date, two out of three gold medals belong to women’s squads.

The Asian Games take place every four years and are very similar in format to the Olympic Games. Gold, silver and bronze medals are also awarded for the first three places.

Such regulations require great skill and endurance from athletes. This is why betting on the event is highly respected among bettors due to its reliability and low risk.

Naturally, there is always risk. However, due to the high degree of preparation of athletes and coaches, the surprise factor, which is very prevalent in championships of other popular formats, is practically eliminated.

Use this advantage: identify the most prepared team and the most skillful players. They should be your first choice. However, do not forget, most platforms allow you to make not only the best lineup prediction, but also the worst one.

Therefore, the performance of all groups should be carefully studied and clear outsiders and leaders should be identified. Make your bets accordingly and follow the changes in the standings.

Also remember not to make predictions based on your emotions. Emotional betting is sometimes used and brings its profit, but in very rare and extraordinary cases. It is best to rely solely on cold calculation and facts in bets of this kind.

To access the best analytics, find the platform providing the most up-to-date sports review information.

The Asian Games are also notable by their longer history than the current championships. Men’s competitions have been held since 1990, and since 2010 women’s matches have also been held.

Let’s take a look at the winners list during all the years up to 2022 and learn about the results of each season.

Year 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
1990 India Bangladesh Pakistan
1994 India Bangladesh Pakistan
1998 India Pakistan Bangladesh
2002 India Bangladesh Pakistan
2006 India Pakistan Bangladesh
2010 India Iran Japan
2014 India Iran South Korea
2018 Iran South Korea India


As you can see, in the last championship, former champions barely managed to reach the final.

Many analysts expect excellent results from the South Korean team in the 2022 season, which significantly increases the odds among modern betting platforms.

Also, betting on women’s matches is in great demand, as sometimes they are even more exciting and unpredictable. And, unpredictability, sometimes plays into the hands of risky bettors.

Winners list (women):

Year 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
2010 India Thailand Bangladesh
2014 India Iran Thailand
2018 Iran India Thailand


As you can see, the South Asian team is a clear 2022 championship favorite, which makes betting on them very profitable.

Asian Kabaddi Championship

This is one of the oldest and most prestigious competitions, which has been held since 1980 at the international level. The competition regulations provide for a limited number of team members in accordance with the standard rules of the game.

The format is very popular among experienced players, as it originates from ancient times, when bets were accepted in offline companies. This is why many traditional bets have been preserved in the available list of matches of this format. Such a feature can help you access previously inaccessible gambling opportunities.

At the moment, the absolute champion of the format is the Indian team, which has been showing excellent results for three decades. Almost every season, the Indian team reached the final and often won it.
Almost 500 million people will be watching the online streaming of the 2022 final, which makes us understand that the odds among bookmakers concerning such events are more than attractive.

Spectators in South Asia and across the region are known for their gambling passion, and viewership numbers indicate that each season of the Asian Championship is accompanied by a huge amount of online betting.

That is why you need to choose a time-tested broker that can provide high quality broadcasts and stable site operation at the time of enormous server loads. It is very important to maintain a stable connection, because often even a second delay can be very expensive per bettor.

The 2022 season will be held in China, and South Asia is once again predicting victory, however, some analysts tend to argue that the Iranian team will also be able to show good results.
Let’s look at the results of past years and try to understand who will be the next winner.

Edition Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
1990, Beijing India Bangladesh Pakistan
1994, Hiroshima India Bangladesh Pakistan
1998, Bangkok India  Pakistan Bangladesh
2002, Busan India  Bangladesh Pakistan
2006, Doha India  Pakistan Bangladesh
2010, Guangzhou India  Iran Pakistan, Japan
2014, Incheon India  Iran South Korea, Pakistan
2018, Jakarta Iran South Korea Pakistan


As we can see from the table, Iran has already shown its strength in the previous season and may very well get gold in the 2022 season, which should be taken into account when making predictions online.
Women’s teams have also recently begun to take a leading position on the top gambling platforms.

Experienced bettors say: betting on women’s matches is sometimes more profitable due to its unpredictability and energy. If the female team begins to win a series of victories, then nothing will stop them. The feature of psychology allows you to earn good money. All it takes is a little patience and care.

Let’s look at the women’s league winners list:

Edition Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
2010, Guangzhou India Thailand Bangladesh, Iran
2014, Incheon India Iran Thailand, Bangladesh
2018, Jakarta Iran India Chinese Taipei, Thailand


As elsewhere, South Asian athletes are leading the way due to their historical association with the sport. However, many betting enthusiasts say: soon the palm will go to athletes from Iran for a long time.

Explore the Amazing World of Kabaddi and Win!

This is where our review ends. For many fans of betting, such an unusual sport can become a real outlet and allow you to bring new colors to an ordinary event. Let yourself plunge into the wonderful world of fancy sports and earn good money from it!

An amazing combination of wrestling and chasing has allowed this simple sport to win the hearts of millions of fans and continues to attract new enthusiasts every day.

An ever-increasing army of fans ensures high odds and constant profits.

The most important factor influencing any gambling is having a broker you can trust. Therefore, be sure to carefully check the company before starting cooperation and making predictions on the site.
Each platform must have the necessary authority to accept bets and be securely regulated by the financial authorities.

Here is a list of the most important points a beginner should pay attention to:

  • availability of a modern authentic website;
  • convenient mobile application;
  • modern reliable license;
  • understandable and favorable conditions;
  • wide list of available events;
  • variety of payment systems;
  • a large number of reviews;
  • profitable odds;
  • generous bonuses;
  • presence of sports analytics!

Each of these factors can be decisive and affect your well-being.

Remember, scammers often spoof the website of the original company in order to deceive gullible users. Therefore, make sure the site you are using is authentic and uses modern, secure web encryption protocols. This will ensure the safety of your funds and personal data.

Consider the tips we gave in the review and make your predictions online safely!